Judge Tim Sulak: In the News

Judge Tim Sulak in a suit at his desk talking.

Here’s What the Media is Saying about Judge Tim Sulak and His Work as Judge of the 353rd State District Court in Travis County

Judge Tim Sulak handles a wide variety of legal matters that impact our daily lives. Because Austin is the state capital, the 353rd State District Court in Travis County has jurisdiction over disputes involving the state. Here is how the media has covered Judge Tim Sulak’s work:

“Texas judge rejects part of state’s ‘sanctuary city’ lawsuit”

Associated Press, July 11, 2019

When the so-called “sanctuary-city” case came before the 353rd District Court of Travis County, Judge Tim Sulak dismissed three parts of Attorney General Ken Paxton’s lawsuit. Attorney General Paxton was suing San Antonio Police Chief William McManus. He alleged the police chief violated the law when he released a group of immigrants.

“City of Austin’s paid sick leave law clears its first legal hurdle”

Austin AmericanStatesman, June 27, 2018

In 2018, business interest groups challenged Austin’s paid-sick-leave law. When the case was brought before the 353rd District Court in Travis County, Judge Sulak supported the leave ordinance. The law requires small businesses to offer employees six days of paid sick leave.

“Austin judge blocks release of Texas voter data to Trump panel”

Austin AmericanStatesman, October 5, 2017

When President Donald Trump’s commission on voter fraud requested Texas voter data, Judge Tim Sulak blocked Texas officials from releasing the records. He cited privacy concerns, the First Amendment, and the potential this had to dissuade eligible voters from voting. Judge Sulak explained that if private voter information “is transmitted without appropriate safeguards, it is likely to become public.”

“Court sides with state wildlife officials in battle over deer disease”

Austin AmericanStatesman, September 25, 2017

In 2017, the highly contagious Chronic Wasting Disease plagued the white-tail deer population in Texas. Judge Tim Sulak of the 353rd District Court in Travis County upheld the state’s authority to handle the problem. In his ruling, Judge Sulak also said the deer breeders who brought the lawsuit had to pay the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s legal fees, which were over $400,000.

“Citing ‘irreparable injury’ to kids, judge blocks deep Medicaid cuts”

Austin AmericanStatesman, September 4, 2016

In 2016, the State of Texas slashed Medicaid funding by $350 million. This caused 60,000 poor and disabled children to lose access to vital health services. When the case was brought before Judge Sulak, he blocked the state. He explained, “If a temporary injunction is not granted, plaintiffs will probably suffer irreparable injury because the minor children represented in this lawsuit … will probably be deprived of those critical services.”

“State settles lawsuit on ‘dead’ voter purge”

Austin AmericanStatesman, October 4, 2012

Judge Tim Sulak protected voter rights. He stopped election officials from removing voters considered “potentially deceased” from the rolls. The officials had sent letters to tens of thousands of Texans, who then had to prove they were alive. When voters brought this before the 353rd District Court in Travis County, Judge Sulak prevented this purging of voters.

“Texas judge tells State Farm to pay millions to customers”

Dallas Morning News, April 12, 2011

In 2011, regulators found that State Farm Lloyds was overcharging Texans for insurance. The case came before Judge Tim Sulak of the 353rd District Court in Travis County. Judge Sulak concurred with a Texas insurance official that the company had been overcharging its customers. He ordered State Farm Lloyds to pay back almost $350 million to more than a million Texas customers.