The 353rd District Court in Travis County: What Cases Does Tim Sulak Handle?

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Learn How Judge Tim Sulak Stands up for Us as Judge of the 353rd District Court in Travis County

As Travis County judge, Tim Sulak handles a wide variety of legal matters that impact our everyday lives. Because Austin is our capital, the district courts of Travis County have jurisdiction over disputes involving the state government. Examples of cases Judge Sulak presides over include:

  • Appeals of regulatory decisions by state agencies
  • Lawsuits in which the state is challenging the policy of a city
  • Lawsuits in which a citizens’ group is challenging a state policy

The resolutions of these cases that go through the 353rd District Court in Travis County affect the everyday lives of Texans in many different ways. Judge Sulak always exercises impartiality and strives for fairness and the correct interpretation of the law. He has been recognized by the legal community for his good work. For example, in the three most recent Judicial Evaluation Polls conducted by the Austin Bar Association, Judge Tim Sulak was rated “excellent” in each category by more attorneys than any other judge in Travis County. He was evaluated on the qualities of hard work, impartiality, correct application of the law, temperament, and overall performance.

Examples of Cases That Go Before the 353rd District Court in Travis County

In his last eight and a half years as a judge, Tim Sulak has handled cases that affect voters, consumers, children and our entire community. Here’s a closer look at some of the cases Judge Tim Sulak has handled as judge of the 353rd State District Court in Travis County:

  • Sanctuary cities cases: When Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton sued the San Antonio police chief over so called “sanctuary-city” policies, Judge Sulak dismissed three claims.
  • Paid sick leave: When business interest groups challenged Austin’s paid sick leave law, Judge Sulak supported the leave ordinance. The law required many businesses to offer employees five days of paid sick leave per year.
  • Healthcare: When the State of Texas cut Medicaid funding by $350 million causing 60,000 poor and disabled children to lose access to critical health services, Judge Sulak blocked the state.
  • Voter rolls: When election officials sent letters to tens of thousands of Texans requiring them to prove that they were alive, Judge Sulak blocked the state from purging voter rolls.
  • Consumer protection: In 2011, when it was found that State Farm Lloyds had been overcharging their customers, Judge Sulak’s ruling required the company to pay almost $350 million to Texas customers.

A Judge Who Understands Travis County

Judge Tim Sulak has lived in Travis County for 48 years and is a fourth-generation Texan. He understands the issues affecting us. Judge Sulak was chosen by his colleagues unanimously—by all 19 civil and criminal district court judges in Travis County—to be their Local Administrative Judge. He has proudly served our community as judge of the 353rd District Court in Travis County for nearly nine years and is seeking election to another four-year term.

Vote to re-elect Tim Sulak for Travis County. Learn more about Judge Sulak here.

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