Who is Judge Tim Sulak?

Judge Tim Sulak walking with two women, smiling.

Meet Judge Tim Sulak, Candidate for Re-election to the 353rd District Court in Travis County

A Judge with Deep Roots in the Community

Judge Tim Sulak is a fourth-generation Texan who understands Austin’s values. He’s a father and well-respected lawyer seeking re-election to the 353rd District Court in Travis County.

At the age of 13, Judge Tim Sulak began working as a busboy and dishwasher at Sulak’s Cafe in West, Texas. The cafe was opened by his grandparents and later owned and operated by his aunt and uncle. There, Judge Sulak learned small-town values on the job. He’s kept this strong work ethic for his entire life. His father was a public servant who worked to monitor air and water quality for the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Judge Tim Sulak attended the University of Texas and the University of Texas School of Law. He put himself through school with a combination of Social Security benefits, student loans, and his own earnings. He went on to become a personal-injury lawyer, standing up for victims who needed an advocate and a voice. He worked his way up to partner of a law firm, where he also volunteered his time to improve the practice of law.

A Family Man Committed to Doing Good Through Law

In addition to his commitment to our community, Judge Tim Sulak is dedicated to his family. He married his wife, Gail, 36 years ago. They share the value of giving back to our community; Gail was a social worker before retiring. They have one daughter, Sarah, who is also a lawyer in Texas.

Judge Tim Sulak considers himself a servant of the law. He is widely respected in the Texas legal community for his dedication to the profession. Judge Sulak was chosen by his colleagues in a statewide survey as a Texas Super Lawyer. This is a status awarded to only the top five percent of attorneys in Texas. Additionally, he received a presidential citation from the State Bar of Texas for leadership in working to restore trust and confidence in the legal system. Judge Sulak was also selected for membership in the American Inns of Court, an honorary society dedicated to promoting the highest levels of professionalism, ethics, civility, and skill in the practice of law.

A Well-Respected Judge with a Strong Record

Judge Tim Sulak is an exemplary judge and a leader in the law. Judge Sulak was elected unanimously by the 19 district judges of Travis County—civil and criminal—to be their local administrative judge. In the past three biennial Judicial Evaluation Polls conducted by the Austin Bar Association, Judge Sulak was ranked “excellent” in all categories by more attorneys than any other judge. In the poll, the attorneys rate judges for hard work, impartiality, correct application of the law, temperament, and overall performance.

In 2019, all the parties in a lawsuit involving legislation limiting so-called “sanctuary city” practices requested that Judge Tim Sulak preside over their case, recognizing his knowledge of law and his fair assessment of their competing interests. Additionally, as a judge of the 353rd District Court in Travis County, he blocked deep cuts to Medicaid that affected children with disabilities. Judge Tim Sulak has lived in Travis County for 48 years, giving him a deep understanding of the issues affecting our community.

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